Ziad Abdulaal

Investment Manager

“I continue to be driven by the ambition to create a better environment for entrepreneurs who want to participate in building a powerful economic foundation for future generations. For me, it is vital that I see this passion in the founding team; you want to ensure that the team shares the same vision, embraces agility, and are able to execute in the face of product or market failure”.

I launched my first startup years ago and the first nine months were an eye-opening experience. I was consumed by the need to juggle regulatory requirements and left little focus for generating innovation. This drove me to seek ways to support other entrepreneurs and caution them from falling into the same challenge, which ultimately led to my decision to join the team at Wa’ed Ventures in 2014. The ecosystem was still nascent back then, and founders needed a partner they trusted to be able to scale their business models.

I lived most of my life in the US, Canada, and the UK, but it was when I moved back to the Kingdom that I noticed the economic opportunities that were closely tied to entrepreneurship. During my tenure at Aramco, I worked in Aramco's M&A and Portfolio Management areas, managing Aramco's assets, including Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, Bahri, and Dussur.

artificial intelligence (AI), sustainability, consumer, cybersecurity.

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