Mohammed Bakhsh

Investment Manager

"I realized early on that I had an affinity for early-stage startups with teams of two or three founders, helping them strategize and optimize their ideas. Helping young companies and founders, guiding them, and connecting them with different clients, investors, and other founders. Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing these human connections come to fruition."

Growing up around my family's retail business inspired my early career choice to join EY as a professional consultant, learning all that it takes to inject efficiency in a business. I combined this experience with my educational background, having pursued an MBA at the University of Sheffield Hallam, to contribute to advancing the entrepreneurship sector in the Kingdom.

This landed me at Ra'ed Ventures where I managed startup funding for four years, and then later at Techstars, the global startup accelerator, where I launched and managed their first program in Saudi Arabia, before joining the investment team Wa'ed. A fundamental part of our work at Wa'ed is to support founders make the right decision, from offering mentorship to sparking connections across the investment space, and this I believe is the most generous part of our business.

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