Abdullah Althamir

Investment Manager

"There's a certain magnetism to the startup world, with its constant innovation cycles and ever-expanding parameters, that I keep finding myself drawn towards. One founder's experience can be completely different from the other, but it is our job to ensure their fundraising journey is almost always rewarding for all.".

Entrepreneurialism has always been a guiding force throughout my professional life. It encouraged me early on to start my own venture in the e-learning sector and taught me firsthand the ins and outs of building a business from scratch. I learned that while establishing a startup is relatively straightforward, taking it to the next level is where the real excitement and challenges lie. The insights I gained while building my platform help me relate to the founders I work with today and offer them practical advice to accelerate their growth.
Before joining Wa'ed Ventures, I had the privilege to gain international experience in investment and fund management having worked alongside the investment teams at the O'Neill Investment Fund, Emerald Utility, and Al-Fozan Group. These opportunities enriched my perspective on the VC and PE landscape as a whole while planting in me the passion to initiate cross-border knowledge transfer in every aspect of my work.

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